We Fill in the Gaps Where Other Service Providers Leave Off.

We regularly visit homeless encampments and, much like an ice-cream truck, we drive the streets physically bringing to the street poor water, hand-made baggies of hygiene wipes, emergency protein, tarps, clothes

Most key, we bring hydration and hygiene to the heart of the homeless, with no no judgment...

No agenda -- Just Pure Giving

 Donations to DBDG are 100% tax deductible and go immediately into the hands of the truly needy.

Each Drive-By serves 100 people and costs about $200.

Your Donations Buy:



There are no water fountains in homeless encampments.

Hydration is essential.

Every cell in the human body depends on water,                      and without it we cannot function properly.

Water is the most in-demand item we serve                                 to our homeless communities.


$50 buys 200 bottles of water--                                        Enough to hydrate 100 street poor for a day



There are no public toilets on Skid Row or homeless camps. There are no real public toilets on L.A. streets.

Since the street poor result in using buckets as bathrooms, we make and distribute body wipe packs.

We hand-create packets of cleaning wipes to ensure that street residents can take care of their basic hygiene needs.


$50 buys hygiene supplies --                                              Enough to provide 100 packets to 100 homeless for a day



Emergency Protein

For the homeless, hunger is an ongoing challenge.

Protein staves off hunger and fuels both the body and the brain.

We provide portable protein in the form of healthy string cheese and snack packs that are easy to hand out and easy to eat.


$70 buys about 200 sticks of quality string cheese --                Enough to provide 100 Street Poor an equal amount               of protein as one small meal -- 15 grams*

$110 buys 100 snack packs --                                                 offering 100 Street Poor equivalent protein as a small meal.




Tarps provide very basic protection from the harsh summer and cold winter storms.

We regularly hand out tarps and double our efforts during L.A.’s hot summers and rainy seasons.


$300 buys 50 tarps --                                                          enough to offer the simplest of coverage to 50 Homeless


When Donations Allow… 


Feminine Hygiene Products

30% of the people who sleep on Skid Row's streets               each night are women.

‘Period poverty’ is a real and frustrating issue                             for Skid Row’s females.

We gladly take donations of tampons and pads,                             which we then divide into convenient packs                                to hand out as we make our rounds.


$100 buys 10 boxes




We periodically hold clothing drives to gather used clothing: specifically bras, socks, shoes, hats, belts, umbrellas and blankets.

Beyond the obvious benefits that these donations bring             — keeping our homeless friends warm, dry, and clean —           we also offer the less fortunate a chance to give their limited wardrobes a little ‘refresh’, which is always appreciated.


* FDA protein guidelines suggest 15 grams for women and 18.6 grams for men per meal