Our Mission

Drive-By-Do-Gooders.org provides basic human necessities to people living in downtown Los Angeles and other homeless encampment around Los Angeles. One day, we'd like to expand those boundaries.

We fill in the public welfare gaps by driving directly to where the needy have been displaced. We help to improve the hygiene and living conditions of those homeless Americans who have no access to public toilets, bathing facilities, drinking fountains or permanent covered shelters.

From our car windows, we hand out simple essentials: Water, wipes and emergency protein.

We aim to help as many as possible, as efficiently as possible, to bring a little relief and dignity to those who need it most. We can't solve the homeless epidemic. But you never know when small gestures will encourage those down-trodden to find more permanent solutions.

Hydration + Hygiene = Human Dignity
— Anne Marie McHugh, Board Member