We met Claudette a few weeks ago, as she stood quietly crying near her piled-up belongings on a sidewalk in Skid Row. 

Our hearts broke a bit as she told us that her tent was stolen and that she was new on the street.                                                         We only had water and wipes to offer....

Luckily, Drive-By volunteer Rafael just happened to have an older tent stored in his car, parked nearby.

We jumped at the chance to surprise Claudette with much-needed shelter and a bit of safety from being exposed on the sidewalk.

We ran into Claudette a few weeks later, during another Drive-By offering in Skid Row. She couldn't have been happier!

We were thrilled we could help.

Donations help us help those who have no public access to water, bathrooms or showers in Homeless encampments.

We hope to raise money to one day provide tarps for shelter against the harsh elements

Why this matters

Measurable results on Skid Row are hard to come by. It’s not easy tracking those who actually 'make it out.' We feel so lucky to have witnessed Torrey and Lisa’s success after seven years on The Row.


As we drive through the streets of Skid Row, DBDG volunteers do more than hand out essentials; we take the time to listen. In doing so, we slowly build up relationships. We have our ‘regular’ DBDG patrons — we listen to their stories, we follow their ups and downs, and above all, we do not judge. We live by the motto: No Agenda, Just Pure Giving.  We always remain hopeful that our friends on Skid Row can find a way to move on. In the mean time, we continue our giving and hope that our regular presence on the streets, handing out water, wipes and protein, brings a little relief and a little dignity.