Your donations are 100% tax-deductible and go directly into the hands of the truly needy

Drive-By Do-Gooders is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit Charity funded by donations

Become Monthly Giver

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$3.65 per month

Gives 500 pints of water per year.


$10 per month

Gives 2400 Hygiene Packs per year


$17.00 per month

Gives 1800 People Emergency Protein

or a monthly "do good" sustaining member option is also available at:


Your Donation Buys

* $25 gives 80 people hygiene for the day

* $50 gives 80 people emergency protein

* $100 gives 50 people hydration for the day

* $200 gives 40 people basic shelter

* $200 = Full Drive-BY offering (water, wipes, protein)

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Here's an easy online tutorial to show you how to set up your own fundraising page on Facebook for Drive-By Do-Gooders!


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Your donations are used to:

1: Immediately buy tangible items to alleviate thirst and dirt.

2: Impact young folks in learning how to easily give.

3: Help us fund our Tarp Drive. One 8x10 blue plastic tarp costs about $5.35.                                                                                         Your donation of $500 can give much-needed shelter to about 100 street poor.

4: Put in place a solid foundation to this new grassroots group. We have visions of bringing our cars to all poor areas of Los Angeles and other big cities around America. The street poor you see are Americans. Living in 3rd world conditions.                                          

Homelessness may or may not be by choice. We don't care. We give everyone we meet on drive-by's water, wipes, protein.

No judgment. Just pure giving.

5: Support our efforts to education youth and adults alike on how easy and rewarding it is to give.(instant gratification)

6: Support us in becoming ambassadors in our communities. Set an example of self-less ness by speaking to your school or club. Experience the gratifyng feeling of helping someone, one-on-one

Questions? Ideas? Comments? Please contact us:

Drive-By Do-Gooders is a 501(c)3. All donatons to DBDG are tax deductible.