Meet Kobe — The Skid Row Super Pooch! and lucky survivor....

1-Kobe in Car.jpg

When Kobe’s first Dad, Twin, had to leave his tent on Skid Row… he was forced to give up his beloved Kobe.

We had watched Kobe grow up on the streets of The Row, surviving on scraps. When Twin violated his parole and had to leave his tent to serve some jail time, his brother Kevin and sister Kode tried to look after Kobe for him. But Kobe kept running back home to his Dad's old tent on another street. He was confused and kept wandering in to intersections looking for his Dad or following strangers. During this difficult time, we kept a watchful eye on Kobe and saved him from being hit by a car more than once.

Kobe’s family knew we cared, so they entrusted us to find a new home for this feisty little pooch. Drive-By Do-Gooders was honored to help out!

Now, Kobe lives in tree-lined Mar Vista, California with Sal and Concepcion, whose 4-year old pup Dina is Kobe's main squeeze! We found a great new family for Kobe and made sure his former family on Skid Row knew he was happily settled.

Click below to see videos of Kobe's first moments away from poverty— and the day he met his new Dad Sal and Gal Pal Dinah!

Why this matters

Skid Row is no place for a pup … or a person …

The street where Kobe lived for 2 years is just one example of the conditions that our fellow citizens live in every day. There are nearly 10,000 adults permanently living in tents and makeshift shelters on the 10 blocks that make up L.A.’s Skid Row.

Although we were able to whisk Kobe away from the streets to a new and better life, it’s not that easy for the humans he left behind. Leaving the streets remains an elusive dream for many on Skid Row. The reality is that they need to cope with the hand they have been dealt and find a way to survive on the streets from one day to the next. Survival means ensuring that you have the basics: water, hygiene, food and shelter. Drive-By Do-Gooders specializes in providing these essentials. We drive directly to the needy to offer water, wipes, portable protein and tarps.