is a grassroots 501c3 non-profit charity serving the homeless of Los Angeles. Our mission is to ensure a bare minimum of support for those in the greatest of need. We do so by bringing hydration and hygiene to the heart of the homeless.

·      Los Angeles' homeless population has increased a staggering 23% in just one year. L.A. County now has a homeless population of 58,000. Three-quarters of these citizens live outdoors — many without access to running water.

·      Homeless services do exist but are centralized and limited. L.A.’s homeless are not centralized — they are often displaced, living away from shelters and services.

·      Many people living in Skid Row, Venice Beach, or other "permanent" homeless encampments deal with physical and mental disabilities that prevent them from traveling to drop-off points, or places that dispense resources to the needy.

That’s where Drive-By Do-Gooders comes in. We put donations directly into the hands of the needy. We drive to homeless encampments and serve basic essentials from our vehicles: water, wipes, and emergency protein. By giving directly from our vehicles as we do our rounds, we aim to help as many as possible as efficiently as possible.

We cannot end the homeless epidemic — but we can bring a little relief and a little dignity to those who need it most.

Each Drive-By serves 100 people and costs about $200


*Homeless statistics from LAHSA 2017 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count



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Text TBD. Need a caption her